When the Bands Are Gone (lyrics)

Soon, soon, soonWe’ll be walking on streets of goldBoom, boom, boomBut now they’re coming with their wrecking ballThey’re gonna build more high street shopsThey will demolish our guitar storeBut then who’s gonna rock your soul?Who’s gonna rock your soul?Yeah who’s gonna rock your soul when the bands are gone? Turn the pageI wanna hear that […]

Slumming It (lyrics)

I know what you’re thinking when you look at meWell, everybody’s got prioritiesAnd on minimum wage, well something’s got to giveWhen you’re drinking like a man of meansBut you’re living on baked beans, well,If you’re gonna survive, I’d rather live And every night was like Friday nightAnd every day was like Monday morning We were […]

Rockers (lyrics)

Come rockers come back againHelp the music sound alive againStrum those old guitarsAnd pound those drums up loudCome rockers come back again Show them how to enjoy life againMake us feel like we were young againBring some joy aroundAnd pass those drinks aroundCome rockers come back again Play the songs that make us feel so […]

When I Am King (lyrics)

Toe the line and stick to the rules,Give us the money and take us for fools.One law for you and another for me,Don’t ask the truth, it won’t set you free. One day we’ll think of this and laugh. Know your place and follow the plan,Don’t talk back and respect the man,You wanted me to […]